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And NASA shows us everything they found (cough).

And NASA is a civilian government agency (cough). 

And NASA has no National Defense ties (cough).


And after decades of exploration, NASA has finally

discovered water on Mars (thunderous applause) and

maybe MOSS and BACTERIA (thunderous applause),

proving that MAYBE  there is "Life" on Mars

(thunderous applause), putting NASA on the trailing

edge of research by about 50,000 years regarding the

History of Mars, in case you hadn't noticed!!  

At least, PUBLICLY.  


Moss! Wow!!  How EExxittg!?! 

Water on Mars!~!  Wow..(!!

Moss on Mars!@!  Wow#!!


Wow.  MOSS!!!   



And WET DIRT!!!!

And 2 WET ROCKS!!!! 

And 5 GERMS!!!!

    [There was lots of life on Mars in the past.

    But it's doubtful that there's much life there now, 

    except for some bacteria and pathetic Moss, and

    perhaps some Grass. 

    NASA will not admit to the obvious:  Lots of

    evidence - TONS of evidence - of a past

    civilization on Mars.

    From the FACE, to the TUBES all over the place,

    to the modern metallic DEBRIS scattered in many 

    places, to the houses and streets, etc, etc, etc. ]    


And don't listen to Foreign Broadcasts!!

Foreign Broadcasts can't be trusted. 

Only the Fuehrer can be trusted.

Sieg Heil.  





   ----- Asteroid Eros Hollywood Movie Set ----- 


   Asteroid:  A Big Rock drifting through Space

         in the "Asteroid Belt" in our Solar System,

         located between Mars and Jupiter. 


                            "Please fasten your seatbelts."




                                Asteroid Eros

      Photo Credit:  NASA.   Craft/Photo:  NEAR-0134030614.

      Photo taken in 2000 by a NASA Space Probe.

      Location:  Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. 


Notice the Buildings and Portions of Buildings!!     

See Below for Close-Up Views of the Buildings.

Photo downloaded from NASA's website, enlarged, and brightened.

Some Contrast applied (very little). 

I downloaded it myself from NASA's website - not copied from

someone's website.


Nothing very UNUSUAL is obvious when looking at the Photo of

the entire Asteroid.  There are a few odd THINGS.....

But when you ENLARGE it, strange things can be seen more clearly.

They look like BUILDINGS, or something similar.....   


To repeat:

I downloaded it myself from NASA's website - not copied from

someone's website.

This is a NASA photograph.


Distant photo, above: Downloaded from NASA's Website.

                                    Contrast and Brightening:  Minimal.  

Close-up photos:  Downloaded from Richard Hoagland's



What I did after downloading:  I enlarged it and brightened it.

Minimal Contrast and Brightening applied. 

(It's usually necessary to perform SOME graphic editing on

NASA photos - enlarging, brightening, and adding contrast.

Sometimes LOTS of contrast.

Many of the NASA photos are dark and 'washed out", and need

quite a bit of work to make them clearer and more "normal".

Some of them are also FAR TOO LARGE for the Web, and need

to be reduced in size for use on the Web.

(Some are TOO SMALL.)  

Many of the Original NASA photos are UNUSABLE as-is,

and especially unusable on the Web.

I performed a minimal amount of Graphic editing on this

one - just enough to make it usable.)     


(You can do it too.  Google, download, enlarge, and brighten.

Add or subtract contrast as needed.

Or just view the NASA Original and leave it alone.

Improve it if you want to, or leave it as-is. 

I always work on a COPY of the Original, never on the

Original itself, preserving it intact as downloaded.)  


Interesting "Things" are all over the place in this picture.

Buildings, rectangles, squares, and balls. 

Parts of it look like an explosion of a giant Ball-Bearing factory.

All kinds of stuff - things that don't look like rocks or meteor


Unidentified "Things" in the distance??

Rectangular meteors??  Giant Ball-bearings??

City Gates??  Buildings??  Walls??


Is this a Movie Set or an Ancient City, blown apart????

What else might we find on other Asteroids???  






   Asteroid Eros - Close-up Views.

   From Richard Hoagland's Website.

   "The Enterprise Mission".  


 Photo Credit:  NASA.  NEAR-0134030614. 

 Photo Credit:  Richard Hoagland.  

 Downloaded from Richard Hoagland's website.

 Reason: His picture-sharpening software is better

 than what I have (or his webmaster uses better



Buildings are seen on this Asteroid - with shadows diving

into the crater. 

The buildings resemble a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE SET.

Incredible.  Almost unbelievable.  But there they are.   

As if someone built this stuff on the Asteroid for use in a

Space movie.


Eros is a big rock drifting through space in our Solar System

in the "Asteroid Belt" - a ring of billions of rocks between

Mars and Jupiter.

It may have been formed from an EXPLODED PLANET

known as Maldek or Marduk.

There are dozens of Theories involving the "Exploded Planet",

and I don't know if any of them are correct.


All I know is that there should be a Planet between Mars and

Jupiter, there's an Asteroid Belt of Rocks between Mars and

Jupiter, and the Asteroid Eros shows conclusive signs that

it was inhabited by advanced people at one time - undoubtedly

as a Planet, rather than as an Asteroid.  



At least one Scientist has said that if the conditions are right,

a planet CAN explode.    E

Photographed by NASA in 2000 by a "NEAR" space probe. 



     ----- Mars:  Inca City ----- 





Photo Credit:  NASA.  M08-07449  (portion). 

Downloaded from NASA's website.

Color added to the original Black and White Photo.

These Structures are located next to a crater.

Houses??  Townhouses??  Stores??  Hotels?? Boat Slips??

Is that a Road on the other side??  A Canal??


        ----- Mars:  Tube City ----- 




          Small version of Original Black-and-White Photo.

          From NASA.  Photo M04-00291 ..   500K.  

          Original size from NASA:  2.02 Megabytes. 

          A Tube is at the Lower Left area of the Photo.  





Photo Credit:  NASA.  M04-00291.

(From the Lower Left portion of a NASA Black

and White Photo taken in 1999.)

2 Edited versions created from 1 NASA Photo. 

All Photos above:  Original Source:  NASA. 


Edited, Colorized Versions:  Dave Morton.    

Photo taken:  08-11-1999.  Original Format: GIF.

Downloaded from NASA's website in June 2000.

Size of Original "Full" Photo:  2.02 Megabytes. 

Color added to the original Black and White Photo.

Rotated Clockwise 90 Degrees. 

Photo Edited for Orientation, Size, Sharpness,

and Color with PaintshopPro.

"Entrance" Photo, above, created with PaintshopPro

using Cut-and-Paste, and enlarging the Cutout.   


One of Dozens of the "Tubes".  They're everywhere,

usually partly buried just below the surface.

Note the large Silver Ball in the middle. 

Note the Rectangular Entrance or Access Port with

Cables or Wires leading into it.

There are also giant Gears or Motors in the dark

Crack behind the Tube.

Was this Tube protected from the Planetary Explosion

by the overhanging Cliff??

Are the Tubes normally inflated with Air??

Is this some kind of "Delivery" System?? 

I don't know.


What might we find IN the Tube??

What might we find under the LEDGE??     

     Maldek/Marduk exploded (perhaps) 1.35 Million years ago.
     Perhaps 65 Million years ago. 
     And it BLASTED Mars!! 
     But there are still Buildings (and Debris) EVERYWHERE on Mars!!!!


     The results of the Planetary Explosion: 
     1.  The Asteroid Belt of Rocks was created, in orbit between
     Mars and Jupiter.
     We have the photographic Proof that Eros was once part of
     an advanced Planet.  



     2.  Most of Mars was demolished.
     Most of its Atmosphere was blown away, and most of its
     civilized traces were destroyed.
     Much of Mars was turned into a Junkyard.
     We have the photographic Proof.


     Theories are fine, but Facts are better.
     We have the Photos PROVING that the Asteroid Eros was
     once part of an Advanced Civilization (unless someone
     built a Movie Set or part of a City on Eros as a Joke), and
     we have the Photos showing Modern Debris and Advanced
     Technology on Mars, as well as Water and an Atmosphere.


     Mars was very close to the explosion, and was probably
     a Moon of that Planet.


     The explosion might have been intentionally man-made
     (not Natural), or the explosion might have been Accidentally
     man-made (not Natural).


     Natural??   Intentional??  Accidental??   War??
     No one knows.


     *  Maldek/Marduk might have had a Civilization at one time.
     *  Mars definitely had a civilization at one time.   
     *  A Planet near our Earth Exploded. 
         We call it Maldek or Marduk. 
     *  Mars was impacted by the Explosion and mostly destroyed
         on the Surface.
     *  Most of the Atmosphere of Mars was blown away. 
     *  Most of the Water of Mars was blown away or evaporated.
     *  The "Tilt" of Mars was altered, and a new location for its
         Equator was the result.
         (The Explosion next to Mars was ENORMOUS!!).  
     *  The civilization on Mars was completely destroyed or
         almost completely destroyed.
         (Some artifacts still remain).  


     (Others have done "Real Science" on this issue, involving
     our Solar System, Planets, Moons, etc, and have come to
     essentially the same conclusions.)


     Is the FACE on Mars involved in all of this??
      The FACE is huge - about 1 Mile long, located on the Flat
      Plain of Cydonia. 
      Using a Mathematical Technique called "Fractal Analysis"
      which examines Shapes in a Photo of Land for their Similarity,
      the FACE stands out like a Sore Thumb as being "Greatly
      Dissimilar" to everything around it.
      Computers are used for the Analysis. 
      (The Military uses this technique to help spot things like
      a Truck or a Tank in an Aerial Recon Photo where there
      might be hundreds of Rocks, Bushes, Trees, Ravines, etc).     
      The FACE is clearly ARTIFICIAL for the "Fractal" reason,
      and because Nature never creates a Frontal View of a
      Human or Simian Face with a Forehead, Eyebrows,
      Eyes, Pupils, a Nose, Nostrils, Lips, Teeth, a Chin,
      a Helmet, and a "Picture Frame" around it - all items found
      on or next to the FACE.


      When is the last time you saw Nature create a Mile-Long
      image of something and put a FRAME around it???
      A Bird??  An Antelope??  An Elephant??  A Horse??
      A Camel??  A Crocodile??  A Giraffe??  A Monkey??
      A Palm Tree??  A Pine Tree??  An Airplane??
    About a MILE LONG !!??
    All "NATURAL" !!?????  


      The FACE is located precisely on the OLD EQUATOR.


      There is apparently a TEAR on the FACE on its right cheek
      (the left side of the Picture).


      The Left side of the FACE (right side of the Picture) has been
      pummeled by meteors and partially destroyed.
      The underlying structure of the FACE has been revealed by
      the partial destruction of its Left side (right side of the Picture)
      and what we see at Sunrise of that structure is not a Pile of
      Rocks or Dirt or Both, but highly reflective GLASS or
      POLISHED METAL or something similar, shining like a
      MIRROR, with some kind of complicated ARTIFICIAL 
      STRUCTURE, visible for about 1/2 to 3/4 of a Mile!! 


      This is seen only at SUNRISE when the Sun is shining on
      the Left side of the FACE (RIGHT SIDE of the Picture).
      The Right Side shines like STRUCTURED GLASS. 


      Natural Dirt and Rocks do not shine like a MIRROR, and
      do not have a complicated Artificial Structure.      



     Expanding the discussion into Theories of Atlantis, etc,
     is not something I know enough about, and is probably
     unrelated to the Asteroid/Mars issue.
     I'm also not into "Astral Planes" and all the unprovable
     "Woo Woo" and Fantasy stuff. 
     If something can be proven, I'll probably listen.   


     For example, we know that there was an Ancient Civilization
     at a place called Yonaguni, near Japan, it's now under
     water, and WE HAVE THE PHOTOS of massive stone
     blocks, precisely Cut or Poured, resembling huge Buildings
     that were submerged by a Flood.
     (Yes, I have the Photos on my computer.) 
     The Photos prove 2 things:
     Sea Levels rose long ago, and some of our Ancient History
     has been hidden under water and by Mainstream Historians.


     Here's another absolutely INCREDIBLE situation, documented
     with Photos, Radar Scans, and other analysis, courtesy of the
     Russians, the ESA (European Space Agency), Richard Hoagland's
     crew from the Website "The Enterprise Mission", and a number
     of other contributors. 
     1.  The Asteroid STEINS which is in orbit around our Sun.
     2.  The Mars Moon PHOBOS, in orbit around Mars.
          (The other Moon of Mars is called Deimos).


     BOTH of these objects are ARTIFICIAL!!
     BOTH of these objects are SPACESHIPS!!
     They have been battered by Meteors over Eons, but were both
     originally Diamond Shaped, as shown below.       





     Images from ESA Space Probes ROSETTA and MARS EXPRESS.
     Note the Diamond Shapes.
     Photo Credit:  ESA, The Enterprise Mission
     STEINS:     An Asteroid in orbit around our Sun.   
     PHOBOS:  A Moon of Mars, in orbit around Mars.
                 (The other Moon of Mars is called Deimos).
     Phobos means "Fear".
     Deimos means "Terror".  



                                                   A Moon of Mars
                             Photo Credit:  ESA, The Enterprise Mission








                                                   Phobos - Closeup
                                                   A Moon of Mars
                             Photo Credit:  ESA, The Enterprise Mission


     Phobos is about 15 Miles wide, and partially HOLLOW inside!!
     That has been known or suspected since the 1800's, but no
     Earthly Spacecraft had gone there until 1989 when the Russians
     sent a probe to Phobos.  
     And some kind of OBJECT appeared in Space near Phobos
     just before the Russian Space Probe stopped functioning!!
     An Unknown Floating Object. 
     The Russians published the picture of it!! 


     Radar Scans show that there are many ROOMS inside Phobos,
     with a few of them being Huge - from a Quarter Mile to Half a
     Mile in Diameter!!
     Phobos is also Leaking some kind of GAS.  Air???
     Not much, but enough to be detected.


     Phobos is clearly an Artificial World orbiting Mars, built perhaps
     Millions of Years ago.  No one knows when it was built - or Why.
     It was not the weirdly named "Death Star" of the Movies, but
     apparently a "Mini Life-Planet" with some of the Rooms being
     HUGE - up to a Half Mile in Diameter.     


     With Phobos orbiting Mars, WHO BUILT IT??
     WHY was it built??
     Was it built BEFORE the huge Explosion near Mars??
     Was it built AFTER the huge Explosion near Mars??
     How can we get in??  
     Where is the DOOR??
    Mainstream Historians are not Scientists, most of them are
     Irrational, and many of them are simply Liars.
     The same is true of some Mainstream Scientists.  
     They have shot themselves in the Foot so many times, that
     they've lost all Credibility with me and I no longer pay
     any attention to them.
     In a Court of Law, their testimony could be Shredded by
     a sharp Lawyer, armed with Photos, Facts, etc, exposing
     many of these people for what they really are: 
     Frauds and Empty Suits.  


     There's only Truth and Honesty here, as far as I know.
     Just look at the Photos, and check things out for yourself.    



     Maldek/Marduk exploded Long ago - (perhaps) 1.35 Million
     years ago.
     Perhaps 65 Million years ago.
     Estimates vary widely.    


  ----- Mars:  Modern Junk at Twin Peaks ----- 




         Is this a Rock or a Side-Mounted Jet Engine Air Intake???
         Is there such a thing as a HOLLOW ALUMINUM ROCK
         WITH A HOLE made by Nature??   (NO).   
         Are there ANY ALUMINUM ROCKS, ANYWHERE??  (NO).
         What are Rocks made of??   STONE.   
         It's part of the Enormous Junkyard on Mars. 


Photo Credit:  NASA.  "Twin Peaks" Series (portion). 

Downloaded from NASA's Website or Richard Hoagland's

Website.  Oldest Known Photo Date: 2004.

Is this why "The Face on Mars" is crying??  Shedding a Tear??

Did some of the people Survive for a while??

Did they build a Huge, Crying Face for us to see, symbolizing

the tragic Event of the destruction of Mars more than a Million

Years ago??


The blast changed the Equator of Mars.

But the Face is sitting exactly on the OLD Equator.

NASA says that the Face, with a Helmet, Forehead, Eyebrows,

Eyes, Pupils, a Nose, Nostrils, Lips, a Chin, perhaps Teeth,

and a PICTURE FRAME, is a "Natural Hill". 

And evidently a TEAR on its Cheek.  Gag me!!

And it's sitting next to a half-buried TUBE!!


11 Facial Points PLUS a Nice Picture Frame!!

Plus a TUBE next to the Face!!   


Yes, indeed!!!

Mother Nature must have been hard at work on THAT one!!

Sending the Wind and Sand in Random Directions for

Millions of Years and making a FACE with a nice Picture

Frame around it - nicely beveled and SYMMETRICAL.

And doing it all with NO BRAINS!!

Just Blowing stuff around!!

On top of a "Natural" Glass Structure underneath, also made

by Mother Nature!! 

Exactly on the OLD EQUATOR OF MARS. 

What LUCK!!   


NASA's Explanations:

(I made this up, but it went something like this......).


"Pseudo-Biological undulations of vortex-centered

temperature-induced variations on Low-gravity

semi-permeous rock structures with Paleotological

pre-volcanic planet stress with Fibonacci compounded

Enterically Nascent Spongiform Post-Luminals from

Sidereal Sheering of Wilcox Bodies."


Got it??

In other words, Ordinary ROCKS or SAND DUNES that

look like Plants.

Well, sort of like Plants.

Well, like Martian Plants.

Well, like certain Types of Altered Ancient Super Weird Martian Moss Plants.


But they're just ROCKS.

(Or maybe Sand Dunes.......). 

Strange Looking Rocks.   

Weird Strange Looking Rocks.   

Ancient Weird Strange Looking Rocks.   

Prehistoric Ancient Weird Strange Looking Rocks.   

Volcanic Prehistoric Ancient Weird Strange Looking Rocks.   


SCIENCE has proven that no Human Life could possibly exist on Mars!! 

You see??  You have to use SCIENCE!!


There is NO WATER on Mars, and it's Unfit to Drink!! 

The Water might kill you!!

And there's No Water!! 

And Mars is too far!! 


And there's NO AIR on Mars, and it's Unfit to Breathe!!

The Air might kill you!!

And there's No Air!! 

       And Mars is too far!!


You see??  You have to use SCIENCE!! 

       You see??  You have to use SCIENCE!! 
       And it's too far!!
       And it's too far!!
       Just like the Giant Ball of String!! 
       There's no one here from India!!
       India is TOO FAR!!   
       It's TOO FAR!!   
      And they claim that Space Aliens invented Peanut Brittle!! 
      BELIEVERS use things things like Balls of String String!!
      And wear Tinnfoill Hatts!!
      And WILD RAVINGS!!
      But we Mainstream Scientists know a Ball of String when we see one!!        


      Editor's Note: 
      There IS some Water on Mars (Photographed).
      There IS some Air on Mars (mostly Carbon Dioxide).


      Editor's Note: 
      I know how to use Science. 


      Editor's Note:
      At least I have a *HEAD* to put my Tinfoil/Tanfoil  Hat/Hut on!!
      I don't have to hold my Hat in my Hand like "Mr. Science".


      Editor's Note:
      There's a Theory out there that Mars was a Moon of a large
      Planet that Exploded called Maldek!!
      A lot of work has been done on this Theory, and it appears
      that the Theory is CORRECT!!
                Maldek exploded. 
      And it's the source of the Asteroid Belt between Mars and
      Jupiter - a location where there SHOULD be a Planet or two.
     And it's the source of the Blackened Areas on Mars, since
     the Explosion released a Huge amount of HEAT.
     Any people and animals living on Mars were apparently killed.
     Mars is COVERED in Modern Debris - not just rocks and sand -
     Debris from a Martian Civilization and possibly from the exploding


     A lot of Mars is a JUNK YARD for Billions of items - from (apparently)
     FAX Machines, Jet Engines, Air Intakes for Fighter Jets, Stoves,
     Cameras, Slide Projectors, a Statue of the "Nymph by the Sea" - and she
     looks very Human, Animal Skulls, a Fish or a Rodent, etc.


Did they predict finding a FACE on Mars??

HOUSES on Mars??  

TUBES on Mars??

Ancient CITIES on Mars - BIG cities?? 

Modern DEBRIS on Mars?? 

I have the Pictures!!  Oh yes I DO!!

And I downloaded most of them from NASA!!



Flags on the Moon: