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     Landing on the Moon






Astronaut, Flag, Moon, Earth in Background


Did you know that some people claim that America 

did NOT Land a Man on the Moon???


A truly Moronic claim that only a Lunatic Bozo Moron   would come up with.

Or just a Bozo Liar.


I watched all the Moon Landings and some of the

"Orbiting Only" Trips on Television, as they

happened.  They were REAL.

Timeframe:  1968-1972.


Most of the time, they weren't terribly exciting,

but they were Real.


First Trip - December 1968:  Orbiting Only and

returning to Earth after 1 Orbit around the Moon.

Excitement Level:  Fairly High!!

This was the FIRST EVER trip to the Moon (near

the Moon) by Humans in History!! 

They headed back to Earth on Christmas Eve, and

saw the huge Blue/Green Earth in front of them,

taking Pictures as they travelled.   



Fox Television ran a special program debunking the

Moon Landings. It was a glob of trash, filled with

mostly obvious Lies (or Incredible Ignorance), plenty

of Sneakiness (slipping in items that were difficult to figure out), and an insult to the 400,000 people who

helped us get there.



MOST of the Fox TV Info was EASY to figure out.

    (Just look at the Pictures.)

    (Computers were VERY advanced in the 1960's,

    and even in the 1950's and 1940's!!

    1940's:  Military Only.  Top Secret.

    1950's:  Civilian/Commercial - Banks, NASA, etc.)



SOME of the TV Info was a bit DIFFICULT to figure


    (Passing thru the Van Allen Radiation Belts safely).

    (No Flame from the Rocket Engine on the Moon.)



    But it was ALL Doable.

    In the end, everything made Sense!!   


Here's a Pictorial Tribute to a few of those Missions,

plus Explanations of a few items listed on the Fox TV

Glob of Trash Debunking Program.


I  SALUTE the Astronauts and the 400,000 people that

put Men on the Moon, and in Orbit around the Moon!!


10 Manned TRIPS!!    6 Manned LANDINGS!!

Congratulations, NASA!!!!     





                 Soviet Predecessors


First Lunar Impactor (intentional crash):

    1959, Soviet Union.

First soft landing by any craft (unmanned):

    1966, Soviet Union.


(It appears that the Soviets had pretty advanced technology as far back as 1959 for getting to the Moon - even if it was an "Impactor", and 1966 for a soft landing.

The Soviets have never landed a Man on the Moon,

due to serious problems and very high expense.

But they took an early lead in the Space Race with

some impressive accomplishments.) 




                    USA Moon Flights


Manned Trips:  10.   Manned Landings:  6.   USA.



10 Trips.   6 Landings.   USA.

10 Trips.   6 Landings.   USA.




4 flights of "Orbiting Only" - no Landing. 

First Manned Orbit:  December 1968.  USA.

(They Orbited the Moon on Christmas Eve.) 


First Manned Landing: July 1969.  USA.

Trips and Landings:  1968-1972  -  about 4 years.

Apollo-8 thru Apollo-17.

Years to Land from 1961 (year of the start):  8 years.


First Manned Landing in 1969:  Televised LIVE. 

Television Signal: Picked up by multiple Earth stations and sent to NASA, then out to the Networks around the World.

The Entire World saw the first Moon Landing - as well as the following 5 Landings. 





These are Some of the Wild Claims by some Bozos, the Lying, Retarded  Debunkers :







Those Horrible Van Allen Radiation Belts: 

   The Debunkers claim that the Radiation Belts  

   would fry a Man due to the intense radiation, and

   therefore we didn't go to the Moon because the

   Astronauts would not have survived.

   But they were alive and well, so therefore they didn't

   go to the Moon.    


   Hey Dude:

   Only if the spacecraft **PARKED** there, Dude....  

   Good grief.

   As usual, the Debunker Bozos don't know what  

   they're talking about, or are simply Lying -

   something they do almost ALL the time. 


   The craft passed thru them at High Speed - around 

   30,000 miles per hour. The crew was partially

   shielded by the Metal of the spacecraft (Orbiter),

   the Equipment, Fuel, Water, Food, Engines, Pumps,

   Radios, Batteries, Cameras, Space Suits, etc.


   Injuries to Astronauts from the VAB's:  Some. 

   Yes, the Astronauts WERE slightly injured by the  

   radiation from the Van Allen Radiation Belts, but

   not seriously.  One Astronaut made TWO trips to the

   Moon with the Doctor's approval, and was not

   seriously injured.

  That's because the spacecraft went REAL FAST.

  What a concept!!   Go REAL FAST!! 

  It worked.


Perfect Pictures: 

The Debunkers say:

"So many perfect pictures were taken on the Moon that

the Trips must have been Faked. Almost every picture was perfect, so that proves it was all a Fake, done on a Hollywood soundstage.  So there, you Fakers.

You faked it all, you Faker Dudes."   


    Bozos, you don't know much about Photography, do


    Bozos, you don't know much about NASA, do you??  

    Bozos, you don't know much about the CAMERAS they

    used, do you??  

    Bozos, you don't know how many Pictures they took,

    do you??  


    Most of the pictures turned out well due to:

    *  Lots of PRACTICE,

    *  Plus High Camera Shutter Speeds.

    *  Plus High Camera F-stops (Pinhole Effect). 

    *  Plus "Centering" by NASA in their Photo Lab. 

    *  Plus "Tossing" the Bad Shots. 

    *  Plus Ease of Use. 


   NASA released only the BEST pictures to the  Media,

   and re-centered some of them.

   They didn't release the flubs.


   Only a Bozo would think that every single shot was

   perfect - especially when shooting in a Space Suit

   with a darkened helmet visor. 

   See below for camera info. 


Main Camera:  Custom Built Hasselblad.

Number of Cameras while Walking on the Moon:  

        2 Cameras. 

        One per Astronaut on the Moon. 

        (Plus one on the Lander, plus another one in

          the Orbiter).

Lens:  60mm (Wide Angle). 

Focusing:  Near,  Medium,  Far.

Shutter Speed:  1/250th of a second.

     (Fast Shutter Speed to prevent blurring.)   

F-Stops: f/5.6  to  f/11 

     (High F-stops for the pinhole effect. 

     Many or most of the shots were clear and crisp due

     to the Pinhole Effect with the high F-stops, plus the

     fast Shutter Speed. )  

Camera Practicing and Training:   A LOT!!

Feedback to the next Moon crew:  A LOT!! 

Quality of the photography: Better and better. 

Film:  70mm magazines. 

     Kodak Ektachrome, Panatomic-X, and

     Super Light Sensitive Color. 

    ASA  Speeds Used:  68,  80,  121,  16,000. 

Apollo 11 photos (first Moon Landing):

     1,407 photos plus 16mm Movie film. 

     Most taken ON the Moon, some taken from the

     Orbiter, circling overhead, probably using a

     different type of camera. 

Bracketing of shots: Yes.

    3 different f/stops were used and usually 3 shots

    of a scene were taken to ensure that at least 1 shot 

    would turn out well.

    The right f/stop (hopefully), and 1 below,

         and 1 above.  3 shots.  Bracketed. 

    Usually 3 shots of the same scene.  It worked.

    They got good results with at least 1 of the shots.


Pictures released to the Press (Media):

    1. Only the BEST pictures were released, when



    2. Some pictures needed to be "centered" better.

        That was done by NASA in a photo lab as soon

        as possible, and those pictures were then released. 


    I've seen some of the "not very good" pictures, and

    NASA did the right thing because there was almost

    always a BETTER shot of the same subject - an

    Astronaut, a Mountain, the Lander, the Rover, etc.



    The "not very good" shots were essentially

    worthless due to better shots normally being

    available, and needed only when a better shot

    didn't exist - which was rare.      


    In some cases, the picture was just boring, and NASA

    might not have released those right away. 

    Boring pictures are often "Puzzling Pictures" where

    the viewer tries to figure out why they released them.

    They're saved, of course, and released eventually -

    just not in the first few days. 



    For example, some of the "Training" pictures and

    "Arrival" pictures are a bit boring, some are

     quite interesting, some are warm and fuzzy (wives

     and Moms meet and greet the men after they return

     from the Moon, etc).  It varies widely.


Flags on the Moon: 

    Claim:  The Flags were waving in a Breeze on a

    Soundstage, and the Breeze was created by Fans. 

    Fact:  What IDIOTS!!  They were NOT Waving!!   

    They were held in a horizontal position by a

    horizontal crossbar, and purposely bunched up. 

    Crinkled.   Not waving. Never waving.

    Swinging once, due to pounding into the hard


    Completely limp once, due to crossbar attachment


    Frozen in place in every picture on every mission

    except for swinging for a few seconds on one


    Bunched-up to look like they were waving.

    An Astronaut said so.

    They did it on purpose.     


    The Flags on the Moon were NEVER WAVING.  


No Flame from the rocket engine on takeoff from

the Moon:

     That's true.

     The Retarded Debunkers seem to be unaware that the

     Lander's rockets used Hypergolic Fuel.

     You mix 2 fuels together in the rocket chamber and

     you get Rocket Thrust!!  Take-off!! 

     No Flame. 


     A Heavy Lander, but----

          A powerful rocket.

          No flame  (hypergolic rocket fuel).

          Weak Moon gravity.

          No Air to reduce the speed.

     Reliable. Easy to do.


The size of the Lunar Lander - Large, not Tiny:

     Some Visually Impaired Debunkers claim that the

     Lander was tiny,  and there's no way they could have

     stored all that fuel on board. So they never went to

     the Moon.

     It was all faked on a soundstage.

     So there, you Faker Dudes.


     Yeah, right, Dude. 

     This is a Lunatic Debunking Bozo trying to be

     tekkikal, er something, computing the fuel

     requirements for the weight, required velocity,

     required altitude, required slowdown from orbit

     for the landing, descent speed,

     approach speed to the Orbiter (fuel needed coming

     and going), weight of the fuel burned on descent to

     subtract from the weight on takeoff , additional

     weight of the Moon Rocks, etc, etc.

     Complicated stuff!! 


     As you can see from one of the pictures, the Lander

     was quite LARGE!!  Huge!!

     Perhaps the size of a 2-Car Garage!! 

     There was plenty of room for fuel, food, water,

     2 Adult Men, a Car on later Missions (the Rover),

     room for Moon Rocks, experiments, cameras, film,

     radios, etc, etc.     


The size of the Moon Lander:  Large.

The size of Bozo's Head:  Tiny.

Bozo's Location:  His Mom's basement.  



Pictures of the Earth and Moon together, taken from

    the Moon:  

   They claim there aren't any.

   Another Lie.  There are several. Possibly dozens. 

   Very famous pictures. One or 2 shown here. 



The lack of Stars in the background:

    They claim there are no Stars in the background,

     therefore the pictures are Fake.

     "They must be Fake, Man.  Like Y'know."

     Actually, there are no Stars in the Background because

     you need TIME EXPOSURES to capture stars - not

     taking pictures at 1/250th of a second, which was

     usual for photographing the Moon.

    Any professional photographer or skilled amateur 

    photographer would know that.

    Camera F-stops were usually f/11 in sunlight. 

    Almost a pinhole.


    Time Exposures Required:

         Possibly 5-10 seconds, depending on the film

         and the F-stop.

         Possibly longer - 15-30 seconds.

         On a tripod. 

         Then you might see some stars.


    (And not that it matters much, but note that it was

     Daytime on the Moon - not Nighttime, with tons

     of Daylight from the Sun - and from the Earth,

     reflected off the Moon's surface.

     It was fairly BRIGHT.

     And the white Space Suits were BRIGHT.

     That's why they used high F-stops when they took

     all those pictures.

     Have you ever seen the Moon on a clear night - a

     Full Moon??  It's Bright.  And the Moonlight can

     illuminate your surroundings quite well.)  


     Try it yourself. Take a film camera outside at night,

     shutter speed 1/250th, f/11, ASA 121, stand under a

     bright streetlight (the Sun), and take some pictures

     of houses with lights on WITH the night sky in the 

     background. Or just the night sky.


     Let me know if any stars are visible in your pictures. 

     Hint: No need to waste your time. The stars won't

     show up. But give it a try if you want to, just to

     prove it to yourself...


     You could even cheat a bit and use a Digital Camera

     to test with, but not set to Automatic and no Flash.

     1/250th sec,  f/11, ASA 120 or so. 

     Automatic OFF.  "Manual Operation". 

     No Flash. No Auto Exposure. No Autofocus.  

     Load the picture into your computer, or get a print

     made of it.

     There will be NO STARS showing up.

     Just blackness - like the Moon pictures. 

     If you brighten the pictures 100 times, you might

     see some stars.


     For Stars:  Use TIME EXPOSURES.  




     These Bozo Debunkers are so STUPID and IGNORANT,

     it Boggles the Mind!!!!




     Why is it necessary for us to engage our brains and

     Think about non-trivial things once in a while??

     Because we're on our own.  Our Good Government

     has been taken over by Criminals, and the only ones

     who will try to protect us and keep us safe is us -

     We - You and Me and Millions of other decent




     I know, I know. Thinking can be hard work.

     And we shouldn't have to do the jobs of the


     It's easier to turn on the TV (I almost never do),

     or surf the Web, or whatever.

     But once in a while we need to think for a few      

     minutes to keep our Gray Matter in shape.

     It's hard work, but it's worth it.   


     The Bad Guys are audacious, trying to make us 

     believe  that Up is Down, War is good, tying our

     shoes requires 25 years, Bad is OK, Murderers are

     just misguided misfits, Idiocy is Normal, The Wrong

     Stupid Way is the Smart Way because it Shows that

     You Care - Unlike Smart People Who Have no

     Compassion (cough), No Prisoners are Guilty, All

     Prisoners were Framed or Forced to Confess, the

     City should Pay Some Poor Criminal Zillions

     of Dollars$$ if the Police Radar Unit Zeroes-in on

     the Wrong Car even though He was Speeding Too,

     All Police are Bad - including Dead Police,

     Politicians Always Help us and Do the Right Thing

     and Never Take Bribes,

     etc, etc, etc.


     If you believe that nonsense, you will end up

     creating a Trash Society, filled with Criminals,

     Unemployment, Worthless Pharmaceutical Drugs,

     High Prices, Slums, Abandoned Houses, Fear,

     Crime, Muggings, Beatings, Robberies, Rapes,

     Murders, Home Invasions, a Worthless Government,

     etc, worthy of an environment for an Insect.


     Debunkers are still trying to pass 3rd Grade, so they

     have a tough time with stuff like "Shutter Speeds",

     "f/stops", "Gravity", "Low Gravity", "No Gravity",

     "No Air",  and so forth. 

     It's wayy 2 compikated like. 



     These are just a few examples of the many brain-

     dead Lies from the Debunking Bozos, claiming that 

     stars should have been visible in the pictures, that

     no pictures of the Earth were taken from the Moon,

     that all the Flags were waving in the breeze on the

     sound stage, etc.


     I guarantee you that the NASA Scientists and

     Engineers, or Hollywood Dudes, did not fake these

     missions on a soundstage, and FORGET to turn off

     the Fans (what idiots!!) so that the Flags were

     waving in the breeze (nor WOULD they do such a

     dastardly, cowardly, slimy thing. Only the slimy

     Debunkers would think of such of such Cultural

     Vandalism, because all they do is destroy.) 


     The ENTIRE PREMISE of Faking the Landings is

     ridiculous. NO ONE WOULD DO IT.

     (The Idiot Debunkers wouldn't be able to do so.

     They're too stupid and incompetent.

     The smart people wouldn't go along with the idea.) 



     Debunking Lunatic Version of "Waving Flags"

     on the Moon, due to faking everything on a

     Hollywood Soundstage, and the late realization that

     they forgot to turn off the Fans on the Soundstage,

     and supposedly caused the Flags to wave (actually,

     no Flags ever waved, but Dumb and Dumber think

     that they did, for some unknown reason) :



     "Hey Jeremy...."

     "What, Dude???"

     "Guess what we forgot to do??"

     "Eat Lunch???"

     "No Dude. We forgot to turn off the FANS on the


     "Did we eat Lunch???"

     "No, Like, we left the Fans on."

     "So what???"

     "So the Flags are all waving in the breeze!!" 

     "So what???"

     "They say there's like no Air on like the Moon." 

     "LIKE, OH NO.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     "So, like, all them pitchers is like ruint???"

     "Yeah, Dude.  Like Totally."

     "Talk about, like, DUMB!!!!" 

     "Yeah, Dude. And, like, DUMBER."

     "And Like, I think WE did it." 

     "We are even Dumber than Us!!" 

     "Nobody's Dumber than us!!"

     "We are!!  We're Dumber than Dumber!!"

     "Like Dumber and Dumberer!!" 

     "Like Dumb NASA Engineers!!"

     "Yeah, like Real Dumb NASA Engineers!!"

     "Yeah, like Real Dumberer NASA Engineers!!"

     "And we were hired like thru the Mental Poverty


     "Yeah, like the Dumber Mental Poverty Program."

     "Because, like, we are Dumber than Dumb!!"

     "And we PROVED it!!"

     "Like, Dumber than Dumb, and Dumber than


     "Three cheers for the Mental Poverty Program!!"





      Not likely.

      NASA people are SHARP, but the Debunking

      Bozos are part of the Mental Poverty Program.   

      In fact, the Mental Poverty Program was established

      to assist Debunking Bozos.

      (How to Tie Your Shoes, How to Open a Door,

       How to spell "BOZO", etc).


     And not to worry: There were no waving Flags on

     the Moon. 


     The pictures from the Moon are genuine (real),

     and the American Astronauts (Space Men) really

     went there and even Landed there 6 times.

     The Flags are not waving, Dude.

     They are bunched up on the crossbar, or hanging

      limp one time when they couldn't get the crossbar

      attached (Apollo-12 - the 2nd Moon Landing).



      The Debunkers said we didn't have the

      technology to go to the Moon, back then. 

      Really, Dude?? How would YOU know??


      What does a Dumb Bozo know about Technology??

      What Technology, Dude?? 

      Tell us.


      Rockets??  Space suits??  Navigation??

      Telephones??  Radios??  Radar??  Television??

      Cameras??  Film??  Maps??        

      Oxygen tanks??  Moon Boots??  Seats??

      Seat Belts??  Dials??  Switches??  Electricity?? 

      Lights??  Windows??

      Ships??  Rubber Rafts??  Helicopters??

      Computers??  (Try 1940, Dude.  Code decryption.) 

      Pressurized Cabins??  A Metal Box for holding

      the Moon Rocks they brought back??

      Solar Cells??  Ladders??  Toothpaste??

      Ballpoint Pens??  Pencils??  Grease Pencils?? 

      Squeezable Tube Food??  Tang??


      What Technology were we missing, Dude??

      And when did we finally invent all those things??

      When, O wise Klown of Supreme Orange Klown



      (Oh wow, Man. That stuff wasn't invented until,

      like,  25,000,  or maybe even now!!  Right Dude???

      They didn't even invent light bulbs until, like,

      10 years ago. 

      Or that Morris Cold, with all those stupid dots

      and dashes that nobody can even read!!   

      And like nobody can even understand it, Dude!!) 



  Computer Technology:

      Here is some computer history related to

      Technology needed to get to the Moon.

      We begin in 1940, using the world's first computers,

      29 years before we landed on the Moon.

      The World's first computers were used for the

      decryption of Radio messages during WW2.

      By 1945, there were probably 300 computers in use,

      in Britain and in the USA.          




                         Some Early Computers.

         The First Ones Were Used For Cryptography




         Loc     Name                    Type                     In-Use           Year

              =====     ==========           =====================     ==========            =======

         BP     Bombe            Electromechanical        60               1940

         BP     Colossus         Electronic (tubes)          10               1943


        USN   Bombe            Electromechanical       120               1941 ??

                     (US Navy + NCR.

                     Copies of British Bombe's built

                     by Navy + NCR + other workers.

                     25-30 percent faster than the

                     British version.

                     One is on display at Fort Meade,

                     Maryland at the Cryptological




        NCR   Navy-NCR-Colossus                            unk              1943

                                           Electronic (tubes)


               (My Abbreviation: NNC = Navy-NCR-Colossus).  

               NNC Special capability: Could handle 4-rotor Enigmas

                    rapidly, which the German Navy began using.

                    The 4th rotor was substantially different from the

                    other 3 rotors. 

                    Type: Electronic.

                    Speed: Twice as fast as the British Colossus. 


                                               Total computers produced thru 1945:

                                                                190 + NNC computers.


                                               Probable total thru 1945: 

                                                          300 computers  (Estimated). 



        British Project Started:            1940.

        American Project Started:       1943. 


        British Project Revealed:         1970's.

        American Project Revealed:    1995. 


        Early Civilian Experimental

             Computers:                             1940's/1950's.  (Eniac, etc).

        Modern Mainframe Computers:  1950's.  (IBM, Univac, CDC, Burroughs,



            Models 1401, 7010, etc.           1950's.

        IBM System/360 Mainframes:     1965.   

                 16 Megabytes of Address Space - 1965.

        First IBM Virtual Machine:         1967.    (IBM 360/67  +  VM).  

                 4 Gigabytes of Address Space - 1967.




       Progression:  Bombe==> Colossus==> NNC (Navy/NCR/Colossus).  

       Types:  Electromechanical,  Electronic,  Electronic. 


        BP = Bletchley Park, England.  Their Decrypting Center.  

        USN = US Navy.


        NCR = National Cash Register Corporation, Dayton, Ohio.

        Special Division headed by Joe Desch during WW2 for decrypting

        German Enigma messages - an incredibly complex project done

        by the Brits in England, and later, NCR in the States.


        All of these were the world's first computers, kept Top Secret for

        30 years for the British computers, and 50 years for the American 

        computers (until the 1990's), due to their use in Cryptology, and

        reading the coded messages of the enemy during wartime.


        Time required to decode 1 typical Enigma message using NNC

        computers (NCR) with luck, in 1943 (Fastest computer): 

              1 computer:    About 18 hours.

              2 computers:  About 9 hours.  (Splitting the msg into 2 parts).

        This was the Fastest computer used for Decryption during WW2. 


        Reasons it took so long:

             1. They couldn't get more speed out of the computers, even though

                 they were electronic and much faster than the British versions. 

             2. Decryption was EXTREMELY complicated.

        They needed a lot of computers to help the war effort.


        In the 1950's and beyond, huge increases in computer speed were made. 


        Time required today using a modern but SLOW LAPTOP, and JAVA or

        some other high-level Language:

               A couple of minutes, or less!!   (One investigator tried it.)

        Using a faster computer and optimized code: Unknown.

              Possibly 15-30 seconds.  Probably faster.  


        The Computing power required for Space activities - orbiting, landing,

        navigation, fuel, power, etc, is MUCH LESS than that required for

        decrypting Enigma messages.

        Computers on the ground and computers in the Spacecraft easily

        handled the computing tasks.

       Computing Power required for Moon Travel:  Not much.  


        We certainly had the computer technology to get to the Moon

        well before before 1960. 




      They started building computers in 1940.

      Well over 190 computers in the UK and USA by

      1943, and many more by 1945.  Possibly 300.

      And the Debunkers claim that we didn't have the

      Technology for a Moon Landing by 1969???

      Yes we did.  


      The German V-2 Rockets were built starting      

      when??  Around 1940??


      The German Engineers worked on V-2's in the

      USA at White Sands, New Mexico, starting

      around 1946.

      They trained our Scientists and Engineers. 

      They started working on similar Space projects

      around 1950.


      Werner von Braun and the Military put a Satellite

      into orbit in 1959 using a Jupiter-C Rocket.

      10 YEARS before the Moon Landing. 

      (The Russians put Sputnik into orbit in 1957.)      



      Orbiting and Landing on the Moon:

      29 years after the first computer was built. 


      Years after hundreds of IBM 1401 computers -

      and other models - were in use. 


      5 years after IBM built a rugged, on-board computer

      for use with the Saturn-V rocket in 1964.  


      4 years after  IBM introduced its powerful

      System/360 line in 1965.    


      Computers to navigate, to help in the design,

      to compute fuel usage, to compute oxygen usage,

      to compute orbits, etc.


      Consider the Source:  Debunking Clowns. 

      Mommy's Little Losers.

      They know nothing about technology.

      And they like to destroy Western Icons of great



      Moon Landings:

      SOME ASPECTS are a bit difficult to grasp (it's

      Outer Space and the Moon - with no Air and No or

      Low Gravity), but most are easy to understand, and

     ALL can be understood by anyone - including:

      *  The non-parallel shadows (bumps and reflected

          light from White Space Suits, etc),

      *  The "nearby mountains" that don't shift much

          (all mountains look close -  especially on the

          Moon with no Air where distant mountains look

          much closer),

      etc, etc, etc.  


      Remember, the Debunker Bozos are not that swift.

      But they did do one thing right: They often picked

      on obscure, weird, items to try to fool millions of

      people - you and me - who have NOT been to the

      Moon, and observed these things first hand.  


      It's much easier to get away with Lying if we have

      no "Common Knowledge".

      Have YOU ever been to the Moon??

      Have your FRIENDS ever been to the Moon??  


      And I'm not sure if NASA produced a Rebuttal

      program to contradict all the foolishness and

      outright Lies.

      They probably should have, if they didn't. 


      But there would still be a problem: Bozos wouldn't

      believe it because Bozos are idiots and trash, who

      just like to destroy things - the only thing they

      CAN do.


      (Hey - I'm an Idiot, too - but not as Dumber as they

      R, and I don't go around wrecking things, and

      trying to destroy our National Icons and our Pride.) 


      It's all Cultural Vandalism by a bunch of Bozos

      trying to take away our collective Pride for a

      GREAT accomplishment!!  

      10 Trips.  6 Landings.

      400,000 people - mostly Americans - were involved

      in the Moon Missions, and they did a GREAT job!!


      Well done, NASA!!  Well done, Scientists and

      Engineers!!  Well done, Astronauts - who trained for

      YEARS!!   Well done, all Americans who helped us

      get there!! 

      Thank you, everyone!! 







Bozo, the Moon Landing Debummkerologist


    He's under professional Psychiatric care, 24/7.

    Sorry - No Visitors Allowed.

    Sorry - No Phone Calls Allowed.    

    Sorry - No Mail Allowed.    

    Sorry - No Food Allowed.

    Sorry - No Tinker Toys Allowed.    

    Sorry - No Coloring Books Allowed.    

    Sorry - No Crayons Allowed.    








                                              Dr. Werner von Braun

              Director of the rocket center that

             designed and built the enormous

             Saturn-V rockets, and many others.







                        Cape Canaveral, Florida











                  A Lunar Lander With Astronaut.

                        It looks pretty big to ME....

                  Possibly as big as a 2-Car Garage.





                            After a Flag planting.

   Done to Honor the 400,000 people who made it all

   possible - Engineers, Scientists, and ordinary people.

           The Astronauts were saying "Thank You!"

       (They weren't claiming the Moon for the USA.)

  The Flag is bunched-up - crinkled - on the Crossbar.


      Problems with attaching the Flag Crossbar.

      Apollo-12 - 2nd Landing on the Moon.             




         A Picture of the Earth taken from the Moon.

      Standing on the Moon, or in the Lunar Lander.

      Probably taken with a wide-angle lens.




            Astronaut, Flag, Crossbar, Moon, Earth.

              Taken with a wide-angle lens.




        Astronaut with the Lander, Rover, and Flag.

              Uneven ground.  Bumpy ground.

The Lander looks rather small in THIS picture.

But remember the earlier one with the Astronaut

standing next to the Lander??

It was clearly LARGE compared to the Astronaut.

The Lander is some distance away, in this picture.



Also--- See all the uneven ground?? The bumps??

This is just ONE example of uneven terrain, where

shadows from the Sun or anywhere would not always be exactly parallel.

If you're on a basketball court or an ice rink or a Dance Floor, etc, and there's ONE light source from 98 million miles away, all the shadows should be parallel.  




Looking back at the Earth on the way to the Moon.



     Going Home.  Apollo-11.   July 1969.  


Photo taken from the Orbiter as the Lander

comes from the Moon to link-up with it for

the trip home. 

The Lander was actually quite large!!

2 Astronauts are in the Lander, 1 Astronaut is

in the Orbiter.

The Earth is in the background.

A Wide-Angle lens was used for this picture,

and many others, making the Earth look smallish.

It's the camera lens.

In real life, the Earth appeared LARGER - but still

240,000 miles away - a 4-day trip at high speed.


The Wide Angle Lens made the Earth look Smaller -




If there were Faker Dudes creating all of this on a soundstage, I'm confident they would have used a

regular camera lens, and made sure that the Earth

appeared larger - just like it did in real life.


The Moon Landings were dangerous, but everything

had been tested thousands of times, and the

Astronauts had trained for YEARS!!


It was all do-able, requiring courage, endurance,

testing, training, what-can-go-wrong sessions,

attention to detail, attention to Safety (!!),

smart people, creative people, problem solvers,

using proven technology whenever possible,

high-strength materials, expensive materials,

making progress step-by-step - not by leaps and

bounds, sending artificial satellites into orbit around

the Earth First (1959), sending Astronauts such as

John Glenn into orbit around the Earth First,

sending unmanned Space Probes and Landers

before sending Astronauts, sending Astronauts

into orbit around the Moon First (1968) before doing

a Landing (1969), using simple (and reliable) solutions whenever possible, etc, etc.


It was "Rocket Science" but it was all TESTED and PROVEN Rocket Science - tested and proven for Years, and should work perfectly when needed.   


Planting the Flag on the Moon on every trip seemed a bit over-the-top and unnecessary to me, but I later realized that the Astronauts did it to honor those who had worked so hard to get them there, and the Citizens who had Paid for it.


I wish they hadn't done it, but I understand it now.


They weren't claiming the Moon for the United States (although it may have looked that way).

They planted the Flags out of gratitude, respect, and honor for the Country and the People who made it all possible. 

And the 400,000 people who worked so hard to make the Missions a success, certainly deserved the credit

bestowed on them.


I understand the Flags, now, and I respect what the Astronauts did in planting them. 


If you're not proud of the team that accomplished these

amazing and dangerous feats, never done before in Human History, requiring many years of effort, there might be something wrong with you.  


(When's the last time YOU were orbiting the Moon ALONE for several days, or walking in an Airless environment, with only one other person to help you in case of problems, trying not to stumble and crack your face mask, or break the Oxygen tank, or fall over backwards and perhaps hear an ominous hissing sound connected to your helmet, or break off your radio antenna for communicating with the other Astronaut and Houston??


The sound of a hiss (if audible) might mean death.

A broken Radio Antenna on your Spacesuit would

mean major problems!!

You couldn't talk to your partner and ask him for

help!!  Etc, etc.


I don't think there were any Rescue Craft or

St. Bernard's to save them if something serious went wrong.


A Rescue conversation that never occurred:

"Tranquility Base.  This is Houston.

Can you hold out for a year or two while we try to get 

a 4-man Rescue Lander and a 5-man Rescue Orbiter cobbled together to send up to you guys stranded on the Moon??  Over."

"No.  Maybe for 3 days or so....  Over."

Scary.  They were alone.  All alone.

And no one could rescue them.) 


Debunkers of the Moon Landings - Harsh but True

descriptions of what they are:

"Twisted and Perverted, Hateful, Jealous, Empty,

Disrespectful, Dishonorable, Hollow, Cheap, Pathetic,

Monumentally Stupid, Retarded, Un-Generous, Abnormal, Non-Human, Can't Stand People Who take Pride in Their Accomplishments, and Insectoid" would be some of the terms that come to mind for the Bozo Debunkers of the Moon Landings.


I'm assuming you're not on that list.

Maybe that describes the Bad Guys - and some other Creeps.  People who want to hurt others, and who lash out and try to destroy the Pride and Self Esteem in others, since THEY don't have any, themselves. 

Maybe they think that they'll look better.

Kind of like Faking it.  Could be.


I don't know that the Astronauts were always the greatest spokesmen for the Space Program.

But they did a reasonably good job, and certainly did their best, appearing MANY times in front of audiences and on radio programs to explain and advocate for the Program. They were JET PILOTS pushed into Public Relations roles.

Would YOU like to try it??

America is listening!!

The entire World is listening!! 


And to a great degree, the accomplishments of the Space Program speak for themselves, without the need for lengthy speeches.

Unmanned satellites, Manned satellites, a Space Station, Moon Orbitings, Moon Landings, Mars Orbitings, Mars Landings, Jupiter and Saturn probes, Asteroid Flyby's, etc.   It's a lot!! 



The West is attacked daily in many ways, and the attempted debunkings of the Moon Landings are just another attack by the Bozo Lunatics, who are missing quite a few Marbles and Crayons. 


I don't think you would want to join the Bozo Lunatics

who claim that we never went to the Moon, but if you do,

be sure to bring an extra bag of Plastic Marbles and some

Crayons for the Clowns.

(Maybe some EDIBLE Crayons ??? ??? ??? ???)  

They need them.


NASA:  Thank you for all you do!!!

And thank you for visiting the MOON 10 (TEN) Times!!!

It was a GREAT Achievement!!!