Miscellaneous - Poems, Verse, Limericks, etc.


There are actually a few companies that are looking for original poems,

3-minute speeches, toasts, eulogies, and so forth.


For companies looking for such material, here are a few examples.

2004, David E. Morton



      Some poems





I sat upon a summer's hill

And smelled the haymow's scent;

The air perfumed with laziness

Was Summer's musty tent.


The creatures born of season heat

Around me crept and flew.

I moved to let them crawl on me;

My hands were moist with dew.


The clouds above reshaped themselves

As kneaded by the breeze;

This day would last for evermore

As summer's airy frieze.




             The Wind


Hard blows the wind through rocky crevice,

Signaling beasts of human menace.

Empty and hollow sounding, it seems;

Twisting and turning, it howls and screams.

Vast are the regions through which it goes;

Blasting and burning, it conquers all foes.

Blow, errant wind, with gusto and pride:

Your breezes will linger when all else has died.






Against the black onyx of heaven's vault,

Where stars and mystery reign supreme,

Come tumbling, white-hot, stone furnaces,

Leaving wide smears of light and sparks in their wake,

Lighting the sky, our faces, and our joy,

Like wizards of ancient magic.




           Wisdom Denied


When seeking great wisdom, we often will ask,

"What is the Answer? What is the Key?"

The wiser the giver of answers will task,

"What is the question? Why ask me?"


We go to the Universe, and wisely say,

"Here are some answers: Give the Question to me."

The Universe responds at its leisure, one day,

"Here are more questions - from 'A' and to 'Z'."


Since wisdom delayed, is wisdom denied,

And answers are slim, while questions are wide,

I wonder if God is just playing a joke,

Subverting our questions with mirrors and with smoke.




      Some Limericks



    Stupid Ski Trip Tricks

There once was a sauna in Michigan

Where people ran out and ran in again.

     Along trek and trail

     They would hop hill and dale,

And when they'd fall down

They'd begin again.



  Donna Madonna Sansauna

There once was a girl named Donna

Who never went into the sauna.

     With typical clarity

     She answered summarily

"I don't because I don't wanna."



     The Gift of the Maggi

There once was a Tripper named Maggi

Who the tails of us all could waggi.

     She had sparkling eyes,

     To my mind, very wise,

And a smile which could drive us zig-zaggy.