General Technology


          White Paper:  New Technology Reduces Carpet Drying Time (Tennantco)  [PDF]


          Edit of ReiTech Safety Equipment Website (Draft) - Home Page





 Medical / Nutritional / Holistic Medicine


Health Plans       White Paper:  What Employer's Need to know about HSAs and HRAs  [PDF]


Vagus Nerve

Stimulation        Short article on Vagus Nerve Stimulation for the treatment of depression  [PDF]


Crohn's              Edit of web page "How I Beat Crohn's Disease", by Alan Graham





 Computers, Information Systems

          Timeline and Introduction to IBM Mainframe Computer Operating Systems  [PDF]    

          Y2K Was Not a Hoax - And I Would Know

          IBM Mainframe Computer Capacity Planning With Graphs  [PDF - 420K]

          Edit of FAQ for Hercules: IBM Mainframe Emulator  [PDF]

           NCR 390 Computer Simulator and Compiler  [PDF]

          Disaster Recovery Plan for Computer Department (short extract)  [PDF]

         Edit of a Page from Microsoft's "Visual BASIC 6.0 Language Reference"