Due opere buffe


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Lo sposo deluso  &  L'oca del Cairo



Opera buffa / Dramma giocoso per musica (frammenti)         Neufassung zweier Buffo-Opernfragmente

      Completamento musicale di Hans Ueckert                      als zwei einaktige Opern mit Ergänzungen

              (d'abbozzi di W. A. Mozart)                                   nach Mozartschen Skizzen und Entwürfen

     Libretti di Anna Bergamo                                            von Anna Bergamo (Libretti)

 (da ignoto / G. B. Varesco)                                            und Hans Ueckert (Musik)




Mozart never completed two of his comic operas, Lo sposo deluso (KV 430/424a) and L'oca del Cairo (KV 422), leaving them as fragments. Hans Ueckert (music) and Anna Bergamo (libretti) have completed and fashioned these two fragmentary works. They have been specially designed by Ueckert and Bergamo to be presented back-to-back as two, one-act operas. Missing numbers have been newly composed using Mozart's operatic sketches and drafts. The premiere is slated for June, 2006, in Moscow. See the Announcement and Exposé for the details.







Announcement from C.F. Peters  -  English   Deutsch


Exposé (PDF)  -  English   Deutsch   


Newly completed overture to Lo sposo deluso.

Winds and timpani added to Mozart's unfinished score.  (MP3 audio file  -  4.7MB)



Facsimiles of a fragment utilized in this project - K532


Photos of the Ostankino Palace in Moscow    


Short Bio of Hans Ueckert    



Short Bio of Anna Bergamo  









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