Short Biography


Nancy Lee Friesen (Nancy Luce) was born August 9, 1944. Her parents were

Herb and Eve Friesen. She was very close to her dad.


She grew up in Edina (Minneapolis) Minnesota, in the Morningside area, and

attended local elementary schools and Edina-Morningside High School.


After high school, she attended the Methodist-Kahler School of Nursing located in

Rochester, MN, graduating in August of 1965 with a 3-year nursing degree.


In 1966, she married Jerry Martinson. They were divorced in 1972. In 1976 she

married John Luce. They were divorced in 1985.


Nancy was active in church and musical activities most of her life. She sang in the

Methodist-Kahler choir, her church choir (the Congregational Church of Excelsior),

the Minnetonka Symphony Chorus, the Minnetonka Chamber Singers, and a

barbershop quartet.


She was known as a terrific cook and a talented gardener, a talented musician,

a "sparkplug", an organizer, and a loving, generous, and caring person.


She was always making lists, and lists of lists!! She also loved the wilderness,

birch trees, loons, camping, and canoeing. Nancy dearly loved her two dogs -

 Peanut and Duchess.


She died of cancer on November 7th, 1993, with a memorial service taking place

at the Congregational Church of Excelsior on November 13, 1993. She was 49.

The memorial service program was designed by her friend and fellow barbershop

quartet singer, Elliott Youngberg. Her longtime friend, Colleen Fowler, was the

organist, and the choir consisted of members of the church choir and the two

Minnetonka choirs. The church was completely filled for her service.


It was later revealed that only Nancy and her sister (Susan Stockhausen) knew

how sick she was, until the last few days, apparently sparing her friends the agony

of watching her die - something she had often seen in her years of nursing experience.


In the summer of 1994, a female physician friend (probably Dr. Kathleen Ogle),

carried Nancy's ashes to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) and planted

them under a rose bush. In a way, Nancy is now part of the beautiful wilderness

she loved so much.


Needless to say, she is greatly missed....